White Coat Ceremony

Yesterday, I received my official white coat indicating that I am now an osteopathic medical student, and it feels so good!! Although we had a white coat ceremony last year when I was in the master's program, this time around held more weight than before. 

The first part of the day was the convocation, which is essentially a big ceremony for the entire university and their loved ones. It was filled with inspiring speeches, congratulations, welcomes, and videos depicting the history of the school. My family arrived a little late (completely my fault) so we had to wait outside during the procession of the faculty until they would open the doors again. During that time my parents and I got coffee and were able to just catch up. It was really nice and much more enjoyable than sitting through a long procession. 

Once convocation was over all of the colleges split up for their individual white coat ceremonies. Then the real fun began as we all lined up one by one, read out our names to audience, and allowed the faculty to don us with our freshly pressed short white coats. Once every last student of the entering DO 2020 class had their coats placed on them we read aloud our Osteopathic Medical Student Pledge of Commitment.

Once the official ceremonies were over my fellow students and I posed for barrage of photos. Then, my family and I headed back to campus for the President's Luncheon which was a delicious barbeque just before I gave them a quick tour of the campus. Even though this was our second time around, participating in all of the Convocation and White Coat Ceremony festivities with my family was a lot of fun. It is always rewarding to share every step of my journey into becoming a physician with those I love most. Now that I have worked so hard for this white coat, I can't wait to continue to make them proud as I work even harder to keep it. 

Osteopathic Medical Student Pledge of Commitment

As I embark upon my studies at Western University of Health Sciences, I will: Enter into a relationship of mutual respect with my professors and my colleagues to enhance the learning environment and to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a competent and compassionate health care professional; Accept responsibility only for those matters for which I am competent, maintain the trust expected of a health care professional, and never take advantage of the relationship I have with patients; Show compassion and respect for all others; Set worthy examples in the application of humanistic principles in my relationships with patients and others within the healthcare community; Work toward improving my sensitivity and skills in human interaction, understanding, and respecting the differences among my patients and colleagues; Value the knowledge and wisdom of the health care professionals who have preceded me in the profession, and endeavor to contribute to the humanistic tradition and philosophy; Recognize my weaknesses and strengths and strive to develop those qualities that will earn the respect of my patients, my colleagues, my family, and myself; Continue learning throughout all the days of my life.