Interview with The Premed Years Podcast

After I graduated from college I came across a podcast catered to pre-meds known as the Medical School Headquarters podcast hosted by Dr. Ryan Gray. The podcast has since changed its name to "The Premed Years" as additional podcasts have been added to Dr. Gray's repertoire. Dr. Ryan Gray, a former flight surgeon for the Air Force, Dr. Allison Gray, a neurologist, and their guests on the show all helped me tremendously in getting through my pre-medical journey. Whenever I doubted my abilities to get into medical school their podcast was there filled with inspiring stories of students who overcame many academic and personal struggles to achieve their goals. I was also able to rely on them for providing an accurate picture of what life is like as a physician as well as solid advice on how to traverse the medical school application process. What I have mainly taken away from the show is that there is no one way nor "right" way to get into medical school, and to never let anyone dissuade you from pursuing your goals.

Recently I had the opportunity to interview for "The Premed Years" podcast and share my story with the world. As nerve wracking as it is telling strangers about my past, including the rocky parts of it, I know how important it is for students to hear these stories. If I was able to inspire even just one student (pre-med or not) to go forth with their dreams then it was all worth it. 

The link to the show is below. Please have a listen!