Intro to Disease, Immunity, and Therapeutics Review

General Overview

This course involved learning all about microbiology, immunology, pathology, and pharmacology. This course was very challenging, but I found the subject matter to be a lot more interesting than MCBM.

Pathology was a little difficult for me to grasp. In all honesty, I do not think the professor we have for pathology at WesternU is a great lecturer. He talks way to slow for me to maintain my concentration level, and his lectures are often disorganized. I did my best to learn his material, but I found myself consistently missing a few of questions on the exams.

On the other hand the professor we had for immunology and some microbiology was excellent! Although immunology can be a challenging subject, his lectures were very clear, concise, and organized! I swear I could probably learn anything if that man was teaching it to me haha. I also liked that for each of his lectures he would have review questions at the end as well as a list of practice questions. Having a way for me to learn actively, and to have it laid out like that for each lecture was invaluable. Although this professor would have some of the toughest exam questions, I was able to manage them if I did all of the assigned questions. 

Microbiology was taught by the same professors I had during the masters course, so I had a leg up on most of the bugs. Microbiology is always really fun to learn, especially when you have Sketchy Medical in your arsenal. Sketchy Medical was a resource I discovered during the masters program. It originally known as Sketchy Micro where they had videos for various bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites which were basically creating different memory palaces for each organism. Memory palaces are in no way a new concept of learning. However, the folks over at Sketchy Medical have ingeniously taken advantage of this study method to help medical students study for classes and boards. Sketchy doesn't work for everyone of course, but I personally found it extremely helpful for a topic that is pretty memorization heavy. Sketchy Medical now includes videos on pharmacology and pathology hence the name change. I used Sketchy for pharm as well during this course and subsequent courses but the videos aren't as strong of memory tools are their videos for microbiology are. 

During IDIT is when we got our first introduction to pharmacology. The first half of the class focused on the basics of pharm, with the last half covering more specific drugs. Pharmacology is the bane of my existence. Point blank. I am not sure why I struggle with this topic...perhaps because it is dry and memorization heavy. Either way I am still pounding my way through it. Sketchy helps as does First Aid, but I've somewhat succumbed to the fact that I may never truly master pharmacology. 


  • First Aid
  • Lecture PowerPoints
  • Levinson Review of Microbiology
  • Robbins and Coltrain Pathologic Basis of Disease

Study Techniques

I went to nearly all of the lecture, and again took notes on the lecture slides using Goodnotes. Again for immunology I would be sure the answer all of the review questions laid out by that particular professor. I would also try to create my own summary of lecture notes for each lecture. For microbiology I did create some summary notes using Goodnotes. I would also use a Sketchy handbook with pictures of the videos and take notes directly under that. For pharmacology I would do the same as well as make summary notes. I created some summary notes for pathology, but I don't think they helped a ton for that topic. Anki was also very useful for this course, and I used it quite heavily. Similar to MCBM we had class all day most days for this course. It was all about managing my time appropriately, and making sure I did not get behind. 

Overall I didn't exactly kill it in this course (thanks to pharm and a subpar pathology professor), but I did thoroughly enjoy most of the subject matter and felt like I got a lot of the class.