Sport Watch Review: Garmin

First, I will start off with a bit of a disclaimer that I am looking at these smart watches/fitness trackers from the perspective of a runner who also does Nike Training Club workouts, weight lifting, walking, and the occasional Zumba workout with my mom when I visit home. If you prefer to swim or cycle, perhaps you are professional athlete, you will likely have different requirements for watch.

Around early 2015 I got sucked into the world of smartwatches and finding the perfect running/workout companion with smart features has been an adventure.

The first Garmin watch I tried out was the Vivoactive, and it was probably around $250 at the time. It was able to track running, walking, swimming, and golf. I liked it as a running watch for the most part since it was very accurate and gave me more data about my runs than I knew what to do with at the time. I liked the idea that the watch had potential in that app developers could continue adding features for the watch. It also had some great activity tracking features like step counting (although steps would count while I was driving) and reminders to move. However, after owning the watch for maybe about two weeks I ended up returning it for several different reasons. I did not enjoy the Garmin Connect platform (although I am sure it has been updated since), the screen on the watch was a lot dimmer than I thought it would be, I do not really golf nor swim so those features were pointless to me, and the all or none notifications drove me crazy. When I had this watch it would sync with all of the notifications I was getting on my iPhone from calls, texts, emails, ESPN notifications, Instagram notifications, everything! I like getting sport and social media notifications on my phone but having them on my wrist at the time felt very overwhelming. However, I did enjoy getting text and call notifications on the watch. Unfortunately there was no way of selecting which notifications the watch could give you. I had been doing some research on the FitBit Surge and decided to go with that one instead. To read more about the specs you can head here:

With that said I think Garmin makes the most robust fitness watches out there. I have heard really positive things about the Fenix3 and Forerunner watches from other runners and via YouTube videos. 

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