Fitness Update

Updates every week or even every other week while in medical school about my fitness may be a tad unrealistic and probably not a very interesting read, especially without any major race on the horizon.  In any case, for the past six weeks I have been in the summer version of my school's Medical Gross Anatomy course. Needless to say most of my time has been spent trying to cram every bit of information about post-cranial anatomy into my brain as possible, and as a result my fitness has taken a toll. Although I did start BBG (Bikini Body Guide) prior to starting medical school, I went back to doing Nike Training Club workouts. NTC been my cross-training jam for years! The app is free with customizable workout plans, and it is very easy to follow along. You can focus on strength, endurance, mobility, a particular area you want to work on, and/or even choose workouts based on what materials you have available. I personally like to have my own set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, resistance band, and yoga mat. However, there is a lot you can do with just a yoga mat and some open space. With BBG I didn't particularly like having to stare at a PDF for the next drill or having to keep my own time. I have heard that BBG has an app now that would resolve all of that, but it does come at a price. Although NTC is easier to use and more flexible, BBG's workouts definitely kicked my butt so I still plan to incorporate them into a regular workout routine. 

Over the past six weeks my workouts have consisted of NTC workouts, runs and walks on the treadmill, and occasional outdoor runs (actually those rarely happened since it has been 100+ degrees every day the Inland Empire.

A sample week looked like this:

Monday: Rest

Tuesday: 30 min walk on the treadmill and 15 min NTC workout

Wednesday: 15 min run on the treadmill

Thursday: 15 min NTC workout

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 30 min NTC workout

Sunday: Rest

As you can see the workouts are usually pretty short. I would come home after being in cadaver lab for hours, do a quick workout (15-30 min), shower, and get to work. It wasn't much but better than nothing. I am hoping with cooler temperatures and better time management I'll be able to incorporate more fulfilling workouts throughout the school year. With that said I have signed up for the Santa Monica 10K in September so I look forward to hitting the pavement and stepping up my running game! Nothing motivates me to get back in shape more than signing up for a race, and the 10K distance is a great challenge that doesn't require time-sucking training. I look forward to letting you all know how it goes!