MSMS Banquet Beach Day

My fellow classmates and I took some time to unwind on a chilly but gorgeous day in Huntington Beach! We decided to have a beach day as our last big get-together before commencement. It was an absolute blast! The majority of my class attended as well as a few members of past MSMS classes. We had tents, lots of yummy food (pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, Vietnamese egg rolls, pasta salad, desserts, etc.), music, and an amazing view of the ocean. Despite having such a great time, I could not help but feel somewhat melancholic as I realized the wonderful dynamic of my fun-loving class would soon be changing. Some of us will be starting medical school, others dentistry and optometry school. Soon we will be meeting new people, forming new relationships, and slowly altering our identities as we become healthcare professionals with varying but exciting future paths. As I look back at this past year I could not be more grateful for the wonderful group of people that comprised the MSMS 2016 class. Together we laughed, cried, studied, ate, danced, and bonded. Even though each of the 29 students had their own identity, intricate past, personality, style, and interests, somehow we all were able to form an affectionate, cohesive unit of headstrong pre-health students with close friendships linking each and every one of us. These are the future Dr. So-and-So's, and whether my friendships with them strengthen, fade, or require occasional rekindling I will never forget all of the positive experiences I had as a result of their genuine kindness. 

Photo credit goes to my classmates and myself. Please do not redistribute without my permission, just ask :)