Bidding Adieu to 2017

Inspired to reflect on the year by one of my fellow student doctors on Instagram, Aji, I have decided to write a quick post to share the highlights and lowlights of 2017. I have also decided to do away with New Year's resolutions because I personally have a hard time maintaining them past March (let alone remember what they were), and I believe in trying to better myself no matter what time of the year. In lieu of that this year I will be assigning one word for 2018 that I would like to guide me throughout the year!


So I had to start with the lowlights because I have to end this thing on a positive note, and fortunately this list is very short.

1. Everything Trump-related. Nuff said.

2. Missing the Super Bowl to study for an exam the next day. If you know me, you know how much I love sports. I was born during Sunday Night Football, have held onto that one Sunday with the biggest football game of the year as a holiday, and have watched every Super Bowl for as long as I can remember. I was crushed by this decision, but I knew this path in life would come with many sacrifices. However, I did start off the year attending the Rose Bowl Parade just before seeing my Trojans take down the Nittany Lions which is definitely my football highlight of the year!

3. The loss of my aunt. I will likely do a post in the future about how I experienced grief while in medical school, but I am just not ready yet. In short, we were very close, I could talk to her about anything, and the day we laid her to rest was by far the saddest day in my life. 


1. Meeting the love of my life, Nehemiah. My life changed in so many ways by having him in my life. Being in a committed relationship while balancing medical school is no easy feat, but I can't imagine life without him. I am more than excited to see what the New Year will bring for us!

2. Visiting the Dominican Republic. Nehemiah and I did a lot of incredibly fun things together this past year, but to spare everyone a rehashing of my love life I will just highlight this one very special international trip which you can read more about here.

3. Completing my eighth half marathon. The races I have participated in this year have been extremely limited, but I am still very thankful I had the discipline, energy, and perseverance to muscle out another half.

4. Traveling. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to visit and revisit so many places this year to include Seattle, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Reston, and of course the DR. 

5. Spending the summer participating in an orthopedic internship where I got to suture, drill, hammer and learn from the best in orthopedics! More info on that opportunity here. Side note: their application is open now if you are interested!

6. Finding out I will be completing my third-year rotations in a beach town! The Inland Empire has its charm, but the beach life is the best life!

7. Getting woke to the law of attraction. Positive thinking, speaking things into existence, visualization-it is all incredibly powerful, and I have already seen my life change for the better because of it. In 2018 I am going to be unstoppable. 

8. Creating an online store with my boyfriend. I feel this is just the very beginning of the nurturing of my entrepreneurial side which I look forward to exploring even more so in 2018. PLUG: MEDICINEANDMERLOTSHOP.COM

9. Getting awards! I received a scholarship from BeneFit Medical Apparel this year and made Dean's List!

10. Making the decision to stop chemically treating my hair, and to instead let it transition back to its natural glory. Exploring new hairstyles this year has been nerve-wracking and exciting, and just a week ago I got it all chopped off in a major way. My comfort with my hair as it grows out of my head is still nowhere near where I would like it to be (post coming on my experiences with all of the intricacies of black hair), but I look forward to falling in love with it in 2018 *fingers crossed*. 

2018 Guiding Word

Now for the word I am assigning to 2018: G R A T I T U D E. No matter the balance of lowlights and highlights in the New Year, I will be grateful in the end.

On this fine New Year's Eve, I bid adieu to 2017 while looking towards 2018 with hope, optimism, poise, endurance, vigor to challenge my comfort zone, and most importantly gratitude.