San Diego Auto Show

Per tradition I took a trip down to the San Diego Convention Center for the annual Auto Show with my family. This time around it was just my mother and I. We ended up visiting on a Thursday which was pretty nice because in the past when we visited on weekends the places was always packed with lines outside certain cars just to sit in them. This time, however, that was not the case. 

I fell in love with a GMC pickup truck although trucks usually are not my fancy. It was small enough to where I would feel comfortable driving it around, and the utility of having a pickup really piqued my interest. 

I also really liked the 2017 Toyota Rav4. It presented me with a lot of nostalgia about my old Rav, Tyson, before he was tragically totalled *sigh*. The Toyota section also featured the Mirai hydrogen car where I was able to sit in the passenger seat with Virtual Reality glasses to take a tour through the car's engine. It was information and super cute! With hydrogen stations already in place and only a $57k price tag before a slew of tax breaks the Toyota Mirai was certainly the most intriguing car of the show. The advances some of these car companies are making towards making their vehicles more eco-friendly are quite impressive. 

The love of my life for the past three auto shows, the Mercedes-Benz S550, was not on displayed and she was sorely missed. Her walnut wood trim, all-LED interior lights, and sensual body will remain close to my heart...*triple sigh*. I added some photos of my baby below from the 2016 show. The Mercedes section did feature some high end 2017 vehicle but it was roped off. 

2017 featured MB

2017 featured MB

The exotic cars are always a joy to look at during these events. I had to get a few pictures in front of the Aston Martin which has been one of my dream cars ever since I saw the Vanquish in the movie The Italian Job. 

All in all it was another solid trip to the San Diego Auto Show, and I am excited to see what they have in store for next year!