Spring Break Wine Tasting

During my spring break, I took a wine tasting trip to Temecula with my mother and my sister. As someone who really enjoys wine, I sure do not go wine tasting enough. The last time I went wine taking before this trip was for my 22nd birthday a few years back. Even though it has been a while, it was really nice to go back and spend some quality time with two of my favorite ladies. My mother graciously offered to be our designated driver so my sister and I could enjoy our libations without reservations.

Ponte Winery

The first winery we went to was Ponte Winery which looked more like a gift shop with wine bar on the side. They offered six tasting for about $25 which wasn't too bad. Between my sister and I getting different tastes we were able to try probably at least 10 different wines. I tried not to stick to my usually reds and did branch out to a couple of whites. They also had this deadly Port NV which was a dessert wine. I knew it was probably really strong since it counted as two tastes. We were here for a little over an hour, and had a great time sipping and munching on the chips they offered. 

Monte De Oro

The next place we went to was Monte De Oro Winery & Vineyards. I really liked this place. The prices for tastes were reasonable, and I appreciated the open layout of the tasting area. There was more of a crowd at this place than the first winery so it felt like a more poppin winery. The wine was delicious, and the bartender was super friendly! The space outside was gorgeous especially under the late afternoon sun! Obviously we made the most of the lighting and did a mini photoshoot! 

We were going to hit up a third winery but the parking was horrendous and we needed to get home to walk our pup. Overall it was a great afternoon! I enjoyed the time I did have to spend with my sister and my mother. I did not do anything extravagant for spring break, but just having days like this where I wasn't thinking about school or studying are always much appreciated :)